Why is it so difficult to find the difference between a joke and hateful comments?

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Why is bullying, fat shaming, slut shaming, body shaming, racist comments, and sexist comments not taken as what they are? People find it so easy to pass comments on someone’s dress, lipstick color, profession, or relationship choice. If the receptor finds it hurtful, all of a sudden it changes to a joke. Calling out a person as fatty is not the way to inspire them to shed some pounds. Truly, it is not. And it is none of your business too.

Why are they always mistaken for a joke?


Seriously, you don’t know why?

The one who passes comments has got so many and many claims to prove that theory. The theory which says abusive words are equivalent to silly jokes.

They say it is to build a confident younger generation. Come on man, you are destroying them forever. And you very clearly know that. If you were ignorant so far, at least learn from now. Not every person’s mind is designed to take anything they hear. Just as the five fingers on your hand are different, each and every person has a different individuality. Respect a person for what they are.

To such people I would like to say, it is far better when you take care of yourself. And I would also like to remind you(THE YOU) that it is your insecurities that make you say such comments. It is the same insecurity that is making you argue it was a joke and it was the receptor’s mistake of not understanding a decent joke. Silly mindset right?

To everyone being bullied

Let it be. Some things are not in our control. I know it is not easy to not pay attention to something that is constantly driven towards our direction. Still, value your worth more than some filthy words some illiterate creatures say.

To everyone who is so fond of normalizing bullying

One cannot change the world. But one can change themselves. A little change and effort you put to make that change can bring incredible results.

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Naufiya Mohamed

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