A human Being is not an entity.

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I belong to a family of 4 members presently. It was 5 but turned out to be 4 when my elder brother passed away. Maybe we will talk about him and his affairs later. I was married to a family of another 4 members, so when I joined them it became 5. Now my family is composed of 4+5=9 members you may suppose. But you went wrong. The family expanded over years and now I live with my husband, daughter, in-laws, and everyone when counted it is 8 including me and excluding my parents and sister. Why should I say this count? I have no idea, to be honest.

When I was thinking about each person in my family, I had a thought like who lived their life the most. I continually hear my elder ones saying the responsibilities they took up to live their life. In their tone, even if they did not mention it through words, they meant it. They have not lived their life, at least in the way they wanted it. So I analyzed did I live my life the way I wanted it. The answer was not a complete yes, but still, it was better than the previous generations.

2 generations living their life in their own way, is pretty different. The elder generation finds it difficult to understand the younger ones’ thoughts. So I thought it is better to treat each person, just as an individual rather than emotionally tying them with you in the name of the relation.

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Let’s take the case of parents. They are two individuals who have dreams, wishes, and life that values more than their kid’s education, marriage, and what else. Every kid trying to treat their parents more than an entity where they can live a comfortable life is what we should appreciate in the coming generation. And to all parents out there, I think it’s time you should stop seeing your kids as your own extended versions. They have a different body, character, soul, brain, heart, interests, and above all a thought process. Treat them as individuals who have the right to live their life.

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Coming to a married couple, stop saying that a woman can make a man right. When a man has the right to live his life, so does the woman. She is not a rehab material to make a dysfunctional man perfect with some magic of so-called love. Similarly, no woman has the right to expect her husband to treat her like a queen. You treat him like a king (which is literally not possible) and then you may expect so. I suppose it is better to have self-respect and live your life with love and self-space maintained.

All that I meant to say that was, thinking of a person from your perspective makes you expect extraordinary from them. Take everyone in your life as a person, just like you but entirely different. Stop expecting and try to live your life for yourself more than you do for others regardless of your relationship.



I am Naufiya Mohamed, aged 28 apparently when I edited my bio. Writing makes me happy so I write anything that interests me and wakes up the writer in me.

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Naufiya Mohamed

Naufiya Mohamed

I am Naufiya Mohamed, aged 28 apparently when I edited my bio. Writing makes me happy so I write anything that interests me and wakes up the writer in me.